Co-Founder & CTO for a Tech startup

Co-Founder & CTO for a Tech startup

Offshore/Onshore Software Development Hybrid Model

the idea

I am looking for a talented Co-Founder & CTO with whomto setup an UK-based Tech startup. The basic ideas of this joint ventureare:

-there is no requirement for an equity-investment from myCo-Founder at the outset

-capital raising should come to play at a later stage on thestartup development

-the startup would implement an offshore/onshore softwaredevelopment hybrid model among the UK startup and a Romanian-based Techcompany. My Romanian company is able to perform a broad range of softwaredevelopment projects, including technology integration, business and academicR&D, and so forth

-the UK-based company will provide international softwaresourcing along with in-house tech and project management leadership, while the Romanian-basedoffshoring/outsourcing software development company will carry out all the specificTech workflow

-the main job of my Co-Founder would be to achieve a steadyflow of international business sourcing and acting as a CTO in relation to allthese projects

-the startup returns are quite consistent (on both theshort- and long-term run) and would be mainly consolidated at the startupcorporate level


Further info is available upon request. Looking forward toreceiving your feedback. Thanks.


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